Design Build

The design-build process makes a building project much simpler. With many “traditional” construction projects, the process will initially involve a series of contractors bidding against each other to secure a project. Design-build operations work differently – it means that you are able to deal with just one firm from the time the first idea is put on paper until the final finish work is done. We collaborate with our customers, architects, engineers, subcontractors and suppliers to produce an outstanding project where satisfaction is achieved on all fronts. Because of this, we are continually able to meet and exceed expectations on every single phase of operations.

Acting as a design-build general contractor, we are able to bring all of your creative requirements under one umbrella. By working closely with clients and other external services, we can take complete control of a project from the architectural design stage all the way through to completion. As the process develops, we’ll be able to take care of every single aspect of your development including subcontracting, materials, electrical and water supplies, roofing and many more. This represents a superb all-in-one option that’s becoming increasingly popular in recent times.

By employing our design-build services, clients are able to enjoy a complete service that incorporates every single ingredient required to produce the perfect design on a cost-effective budget. Because we operate as a general contractor on a design-build project, we are able to allow for all additional costs before work begins. In addition to utilizing our own experienced workforce, we also have access to some of the most prolific electricians, plumbers and interior decorators in the business.

The integration of quality designs and effective construction have seen costs spiral out of control on many occasions. The design-build concept manages to keep all of the necessary requirements ‘in-house’ and this helps in keeping projects running to schedule without breaking budgets.

As a project evolves, we continue to communicate with clients so that any further questions can be answered. We place a high degree of importance on the continued interaction with our clients throughout every phase of the project.

To see the wonders of a design-build project for yourself, contact us to view our extensive portfolio. We will be happy to arrange any subsequent consultation at your request.