General Contracting

A general contractor is probably best defined as the individual, group or company that oversees a complete structural development project to include every single aspect of construction work. This may also include other detailed projects such as the renovation, customization or demolition of a structure.

A general contractor will be accountable for the procedures or methods employed in carrying out such a project and will execute them in accordance with the contractual documentation agreed upon at the start of an individual job. The contractor will also be responsible for making sure a project runs to budget and may often employ the outside services of other groups or individuals that are specialists within their own trades. This may include architects, manual labor forces or home design specialists.

In addition to taking overall responsibility for the execution of a project, the general contractor will also establish control over the materials, equipment and labor costs. Although the ultimate control of a project rests with the general contractor, certain aspects of a job will be subcontracted to alternative labor forces that will specialize in specific skills.

When we take responsibility for your project, we fully understand the position of trust in which our clients place us. A client expects us to act ethically, responsibly and with their own interests in mind. We are incredibly proud of our previous history in this particular field and are delighted to see established clients returning to us on a regular basis because of our expertise, integrity and dedication to complete customer satisfaction. Because our clients understand the importance of an effective relationship during major construction projects, they return to us knowing that we’ll be fully committed to working within budget, producing outstanding levels of work quality and adhering to work schedules as laid out in contractual documentation.

For many years, our general contractor services have received much acclaim throughout the construction world and we are now recognized throughout the trade by an increasing number of top industry organizations. We are universally accepted as being leaders in our particular field and only employ individuals or subcontractors who are also acclaimed within our industry.

We utilize an extensive range of subcontracting services that have regularly produced outstanding work on our projects and developments. When a new home needs framing, an electrical supply is required or extensive plumbing work becomes necessary, we know that the companies we trust with our own reputation will deliver on time, every time. We also have access to some of the best window fitting teams, decorators and roofing companies in the business and we are immensely proud of our successful relationships with them all.

As a general contractor to your project, we will always be working with your complete safety in mind. We continue to be industry leaders in all aspects of health and safety and utilize a series of detailed initiatives to protect our own workforces, our external labor forces and, of course, our clients.

As your general contractor, we also understand the importance of employing an ethical approach to all of our operations. We never believe in compromising our professional integrity by cutting corners on a project and we always try to carry out the majority of our work using environmentally friendly materials that focus on recycled or pollution-free products.

And, of course, we are immensely proud of our levels of communication with new and existing clients that begin as soon as an idea is formed. From the moment we begin our extensive consultation process, the requirements and ambitions of our customers are in the safest hands possible and we’ll continue to meet with you throughout the entire duration of a project or development.

To see why we’re regarded as one of the leading general contractor services within the entire building industry, contact our office today to arrange a prompt consultation.